Fool (Durak) card game by Daniel Chermetz
All rights reserved to Daniel Chermetz

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Durak (Fool) is a very popular card game in Russia and Eastern Europe.
If you're not familiar with the rules of the game, you may ask any Russian speaking friend or read the Wikipedia article on Durak.

My game is playable directly from the browser. No downloads, flash or plugins are required.
(Said another way, if you can display the New York Time's web site on your device, my Durak game should work just as well.)

The game works great with all major browsers. It works with Internet Explorer 8\9\10, but may not work with earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

"Then she suggested that they play cards, "fools." But this time it turned out the other way: the prince was so good at "fools" that he played like a a master, a veritable professor of the game. Aglaya even cheated and changed cards, and stole tricks from under his nose, and still he made her the "fool" five times in a row. Aglaya became furious, quite forgot herself, in fact, and said so many caustic and horrid things to the prince that he soon stopped laughing; and he turned quite pale when she told him at last that she would "never set foot in this room as long as he was sitting there," - from 'The Idiot' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (part 4, chapter 5)